This page contains information and resources regarding Society and Kingdom rule changes affecting Combat Archery and related areas in the Kingdom of Lochac, to take full effect on August 1, 2008. Please revisit the page frequently, particularly the Resources section; it will grow.

Extract from the Earl Marshal's January 2007 Pegasus Column

Below you will see a draft of the new rules that we hope will be included into the Final Production of the KOLCH. I wish to thank all those who helped with the new KOLCH, especially William de Wyke, formerly of Southron Gaard, for his enormous amount of work on the KOLCH. Now remember that these rules do not come into effect until August 2008 in their entirety.

NOTE: Only those currently authorized as "Heavy Archer" will be able to maintain the authorization of Combat Archer, all others will be Combat Archer Plumed (CAP). We are working on new cards at this time to reflect this, and a new Authorization form.

Combat Archery in Lochac:


1.1.2 Plumed Combatant
1. Plumed combatants are people who participate in combat-related activities
   but do not engage combat with melee weapons. They:
(a) May not be targeted with melee weapons.
(b) Must wear a plume in their helmets to signify their status as plumed participants.
(c) Can use and be targeted by missile weapons.
(d) May not carry or use any melee weapon, including thrust-and-throw weapons.
(e) Must remain outside of 5 m range of plumed opponents.
(f) Must be at least 18 years of age, or at least 16 years of age with parental
    consent and subject to the completion of an appropriate medical waiver.

1.1.3 Plumed Auxiliary
1. Plumed Auxiliaries are people who participate in a partisan fashion in
   combat-related activities but who may not engage in actual combat, e.g.
   banner-bearers, drummers, etc. They:
(a) May not be targeted with melee weapons.
(b) Must wear a plume in their helmets to signify their status as plumed participants.
(c) Can be targeted with missile weapons.
(d) May not carry or use any weapon.
(e) Must remain outside of 5 m range of plumed opponents.
(f) Must be at least 18 years of age, or 14 years of age with parental consent
   and subject to the completion of an appropriate medical waiver.

1.1.4 Non Combatant
1. Non-combatants are people, such as marshals, who provide a supporting role to
   combat or who are present on the field during combat without being part of the
   combat itself. They:
(a) May not be targeted by any weapon, but should be prepared to be inadvertently
    struck by missiles.
(b) Must be appropriately armoured if they remain on the field during war combat
    with missiles.
(c) Must be at least 18 years of age, or 14 years of age with parental consent and
    subject to the completion of an appropriate medical waiver if they remain on
    the field during combat.
(d) Must be at least 18 years of age to act as marshals.

1.1.5 Spectators
1. Anyone present in the general area where combat activities are taking place but
   not on the field at the time combat is taking place is deemed to be a spectator.
   This includes people such as chirurgeons and water bearers who enter the field
   during breaks in combat as well as fighters not currently on the field. They:
(a) Must obey the instructions of marshals.
(b) Must not enter the war field unless combat has ended and “helms off” has been
    called by the marshal of the field.
(c) May not enter or remain on the field while combat is taking place.

Sir Gregory of Loch Swan
KEM Lochac

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Message from the Earl Marshal of Lochac, October 16, 2006

Lochac Marshals device

...I have this 16th Day of October 2006 finalized discussions with the Society Earl Marshal, Sir Hrothgar and we have decided on a set of "conventions" for use only in the Kingdom of Lochac for Combat Archery.

The full details will be published in the Kingdom news letter, December 2006 edition (I missed the cutoff for this month...sorry) and will be added to the new KOLCH.

In brief.....

1/ We will have "Plumed" Combat Archers who will not be struck. They may not carry any melee weapon. They will be required to wear minimum heavy armour by 1st August 2008. All current rules for engagement and killing will remain with one addition which will be outlined in the new KOLCH regarding the 5 meter rule.

2/ We will have Plumed Banner Bearers, they likewise will need to be in minimum heavy armour and cannot carry any type of weapon. They may never be struck and the same 5 meter rule will apply.

3/ We will have Combat Archers. They wear "NO PLUME", can carry melee weapons, must wear minimum heavy armour and can be struck if they do not yield.

There are a couple of other minor things in the Draft Rules but they will be published in December 2006 after Royal Consent.

I wish to thank all those who have assisted in this process especially those who stood the line of "reason and rational discussion" with me.

In Service to the Crown

Sir Gregory of Loch Swan
Baron,OP,KB,OR,QOG,LOG,ORL,DOW,HRW,PC,OSH,HT,OBT(East),KF(An Tir and Meredies)and Eternal Queens Guard of the West
Kingdom Earl Marshal Lochac

Update October 18: Plumbed combatants will not have to authorise as heavy fighters. Combat archers without plumes will need to be authorized as heavies if they want to carry a melee weapon.

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Message from the Earl Marshal of Lochac, September 11, 2006

Lochac Marshals device

First up thanks for all the comments both for and against. I think I need to update you all on what is happening at this stage. Feel free to cross post this to other lists, but be aware that a list is not the official instrument for the official communication of information and as such I would encourage people on this list to talk to those who don't have access to the web or emails or who do not wish to have access.

I will keep posting to the Marshals list as they are the people who will be kept most up to date. It is my marshals responsibility to keep their groups informed.

A few points to help keep people informed.

Issue 1. Heavy Minimum Armour. This is not a change in the 2006 version of the rules. It was a change made in 2003 with an implementation date of 2004. We, (Lochac) either did not get a copy of that decision (NZ & AUS BOD mundane legal problem) or we thought our exemption covered us for more than just wooden shafts, blunts and mesh.

Action 1. I have sent a message to both the NZ & AUS BOD outlining the possible mundane problem and they will deal with that as it is outside of my charter as KEM. I have also sent a message to the SEM (Duke Hrothgar) requesting a written letter of Exemption for our records on SCA inc. Letterhead so that in two years time a new SEM doesn't say "What agreement !!!??". We both agree this is a good idea.

Issue 2. Scouts. We don't have them.

Action 2. Not an issue for us. No further action required.

Issue 3. Banner Bearers. The issue of Non-contact Combatant Banner Bearers was what triggered the initial clarification of this draft ruling and alerted me to the fact that the "light armour" had been removed in 2004. Banner bearers are non-contact and under age to be approved for any form of contact participation so therefore are no longer permitted on the field under the 2006 Society Marshal's Handbook.

Action 3. I'm still not sure what I will do in this area and any suggestions are welcome.

Issue 4. Plumes. With the removal of Non-contact participants in the new rules and the implementation of Combat Archers no room was left to have "Light" archers. The term Combat Archer allowed for the striking to kill of a Combat Archer unless they yielded or fell to the ground. This went against a long tradition in Lochac of not striking archers.

Action 4. I have written to the SEM Hrothgar requesting that Lochac be permitted to have Combat Archers and Combat Archer with Plumes. In essence this request is just that, a request because according to Corpora we have the right to increase safety requirements and armour but not make it less than society minimums. Some in Lochac are in favour of this approach and some are not. What I am trying to achieve here is a happy mid-point whereby we comply with the SMH yet retain some of the added safety and flavour that is unique to Lochac. I am still awaiting a reply from him.

May I humbly suggest that emails written in heated and emotive language will not necessarily have the desired effect of their writer and in fact could harm future negotiations. I respect people's right to comment but please do it with reason and nicely.

Issue 5. 1/2 Gauntlets. There has been some discussion about this on the Marshals list.

Action 5. It's simple. They are the same for everyone else that puts on heavy armour. The heavy standard is what we will all be going by. If you're not sure, read the rules and read Alfar's post.

Issue 6. Writing emails to the KEM Lochac. I have had some very long and complicated emails regarding many issues. Please don't ask me for rulings if you have not gone through your local Marshals first. Also please don't send me very long emails with many many questions. I can't answer them all or you quickly. That's not because I don't want to, simply because I need to give equal time to all of my Deputy, Baronial and Shire Marshals. They are your correct passage of information and requests. If they know the answer they will answer it and if they don't know they will pass it up the line.

With the Combat Archery issue at the moment, I'm happy to take comments, however remember I'm not on all lists and won't answer every email. Also as above, keep them short and to the point. I don't need to read chapters like in a novel. May I also add that big words just confuse me.

I will try and keep you updated as much as possible.

Kind regards
Sir Gregory
KEM Lochac

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Message from the Earl Marshal of Lochac, August 31, 2006

Lochac Marshals device As some of you are aware, the new Marshals Handbook has just been put online. In this 2006 addition there is large change to light combat that especially affects Lochac. These changes have been the subject of a large amount of discussion over the past several months especially when I discovered that Lochac was not exempt from some of the changes as many thought was the case. I have been in discussions with the Society Marshal who has been most helpful in the process. We have come to a compromise that has been accepted by the Crown of Lochac and that hopefully will have as little impact as possible on the way we do combat archery in Lochac.

I need to say at this point that Lochac is not the only kingdom affected by these changes, but it would be fair to say that we are maybe the most affected. The Society Marshal, Hrothgar and I have had numerous discussions both on email and face to face at Pennsic War. He has been understanding and considerate and has allowed some things to remain in Lochac and given extensions of time for others.

The main thrust of the amended light combat rules are simply that the armour requirements have changed to "Minimum Heavy Armour" for all Combat Archery.

The exception is gauntlets which can be half gauntlets for archers. (see below) This also means that archers need to "yield" or fall down dead when a heavy comes within 5 meters or they may be struck.

"Combat archers and siege engineers may use as a minimum hand protection "archer's gauntlets'' or partial gauntlets made of rigid material, lined with 1/4 inch (6mm) of closed-cell foam or equivalent, while operating archery or siege equipment. "Archer's gauntlets" shall consist a of ice hockey gloves with the fingers cut off or equivalent, protecting the back of the hand and the wrist."

This mean that we will no longer have "light archers" on the field. The new term for archers is "Combat Archer" This is defined as:

Combat archer: a combatant equipped in armour meeting at least the minimum requirements for combat using rattan weapons and who will be using archery equipment in combat. Rules for combat archery weapons and conventions are found in the Combat Archery Handbook.

Lochac does have an exemption to maintain the use of wooden shafts, blunts and archery mesh. That has been maintained. We have also been granted an extension of time to comply with the above changes.

We have till August 1st, 2008 to bring our armour standards up to the required standard. After that time all archers must comply with the Combat Archer standard.

Proposed Changes to Lochac Conventions

We cannot go below the Society minimums, however we can add to them and although I'm the last person to want to add rules, I am considering some additions as Lochac Conventions. The proposed "conventions" are still under discussion but are as follows:

Editor's note, Sept 5: at the time of writing, the proposed additions to Kingdom conventions are under continual discussion and refinement among the Kingdom Marshallate. They will be published below when they reach a refined (even if non-final) state. The aim in developing these conventions is to maximise the similarity between the new rules and the killing conventions which apply now, within the framework required by the Society Rules.

I'd like to thank those who have been advising me whilst this process had been happening. Rest assured that I have done everything possible to maintain our archery standards however the changes to Society rules mean we need to comply.

Gregory of Loch Swan KSCA, OP, KB etc...
Kingdom Earl Marshal (KEM)

31st Aug 2006

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Help wanted! If you are able to provide some patterns or useful URLs for hand, elbow or knee armour which meet the Society minimums and are: (a) effective (b) light-weight and preferably (c) low-cost and/or easy-to-assemble -- please email the Marshallate Webwright.

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