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Combat Archery Trial

Note A Combat Archery Trial running for the duraction of Border War XX 23-25 Feb 2018 until close of Border War Feb 2019, with the time between Border war 2019 and Rowany Festival 2019 or 30 days whichever is the longer, to be used as a commentary period for rule changes following the trial.
Changes are directed : Rules for hand armour; Rules for engagement distances; Killing conventions; Rules for killing from behind.
During the period of the trial additonal information is to be included in the Marshal in charge event report for all events with mixed combat and to be forwarded to the Group Marshal at the end of the event.
The full details of the trial can be found in the following document: Lochac_Archery_Trial.pdf

Authorisation Forms

Note The list officer for AU has changed, and all authorisation forms should now be sent to the new address listed below and on the updated forms.

Note All authorization forms should be submitted with a stamped self addressed envelope to ensure that list officers can easily return cards. This also helps reduce the cost of the Marshallate on turning over cards.

Note As of the first of July 2007 the date of birth is required for the authorising combatant. The new adult combat authorisation form now contains a section for this to be filled out.

Adult Combat Authorisation Form (.PDF file) - Effective January 2012
Adult Trainee Card Form (.PDF file) - Effective September 2010
Adult Equestrian Authorisation Form (.PDF file) - Effective January 2012

AUTHORISATION FOR MINORS - please read carefully!
You will need:
Australian Minor Combat Authorisation Form (.PDF file) - Effective January 2012
New Zealand Minor Combat Authorisation Form (.PDF file) - Effective January 2012
  AND, if a parent is NOT present, you will need SCA Australia Transfer of Guardianship Letter on Constable's site (not required in NZ)

Minor Trainee Card Form (.PDF file) - Effective September 2010
(Trainee cards are required at official practises once a trainee has started to acquire their own kit, principally to cover mundane legal issues with the weapons and armour).

Send completed AUSTRALIAN Authorisation forms within three months to:
Wendy Higgs(Countess Elizabeth de Foxle)
PO box 287
Kippax Centre
ACT 2615

...and send completed NEW ZEALAND forms within three months to:
Flat 2, 6 Cheviot St,
Spreydon Christchurch 8024

Note: apart from the above paperwork, a site indemnity (event membership in New Zealand) is required for non-members engaged in SCA combat.

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Event Report Form

Report form for Marshals In Charge of an event

Constabulary Forms

Please refer to the Lochac Constable Page for the following forms

  • Member Without Card Indemity
  • Non-Member Indemnity
  • Minor Indemnity
  • Member Sign-in Sheet
  • Transfer of Guardianship Letter -This form and it's accompanying "Letter to Parents" has been released by the SCAA Inc. Committee (aka OziBOD) and is intended for use when a parent or legal guardian will not be the guardian for the purposes of SCA activities. Please commence using this form now. Please direct any comments or feedback to constable@sca.org.au. A copy of this form must be kept by the local group and the original sent to the Lochac Constable within 1 month. It is suggested that the minor also keep a copy.
  • Letter to Parents

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