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Authorisation Forms

Note All authorisation forms should be sent to the email address listed below, not posted!

Authorisation forms for adults

Forms for minors

Please read carefully!

Before participating in combat training activities, minors must have a completed Minor Participation Form, signed by their parent/legal guardian (not nominated caregiver):

For authorising you will need:

NOTE, if a parent or legal guardian of the minor is NOT present, they will NOT be able to authorise.

Minor Trainee Card Form (2010) (.PDF file) Trainee cards are required at official practices in Australia once a trainee has started to acquire their own kit, principally to cover mundane legal issues with the weapons and armour).

Where do I send my form?

Email scanned or photographed copies of completed forms within three months to:

In Australia: authorisation@lochac.sca.org

In New Zealand: lists@sca.org.nz

Please don't post your forms to the address shown on any of the older forms.

Make sure that the body of the email includes your name and postal address to avoid problems reading handwriting. You will be emailed if there are any questions about your form.


If you are at an event or practice in Australia, you already signed a waiver as a part of your membership, or when you signed in to the event.

If you are at an event in New Zealand, you don't need to sign a waiver, but you do need to sign in.

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Event Report Form

Report form for Marshals In Charge of an event

Constabulary Forms

Please refer to the Lochac Constable Page for the following forms


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