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Updates and Rulings

Society updates

Current Society-wide rulings and news can be found on this page.

New Society Marshal's Handbook - January 2020

A new edition of the Society Marshal's Handbook was released in January 2020. These rules will only apply in Lochac once they have been approved by the Board of SCA Ltd Australia and the Committee of SCANZ Inc, and incorporated into our own Lochac handbook.

Lochac updates

Current Lochac armoured combat rules can be found here.


Send your reports for your field to the relevant Deputy Earl Marshal as well as any other requirements for your group.

Reports are due:

New authorisation form - November 2019

There is a new authorisation form covering all of our martial activities (including equestrian) and an updated address to send them to - click here

Ramin - Staged discontinuation of use as a timber for combat arrows in Lochac

From 7 July 2015, no one is to purchase ramin from timber merchants for the purposes of making SCA combat arrows. Those SCA participants who currently have stocks of legally imported ramin may use and sell what remains of their own stocks, though please consider a more permanent use than combat arrows if possible.

All groups to include in your quarterly reports (via your group heavy marshal) on the number of ramin combat arrows in use among your participants, as well as what stockpiles of ramin shafts remain to be turned into arrows. The rate at which the supply is depleted will help us determine when a complete ban on ramin combat arrows will be implemented.

We are currently investigating other sustainable timber types to add to the allowed timbers for combat arrow shafts. If you have examples of timbers that may be suitable and are willing to assist with testing, please contact the Deputy for Archery directly - archer@lochac.sca.org

Previous Lochac armoured combat rulings no longer in place can be found here

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