The Earl Marshal for the Kingdom of Lochac

The Earl Marshal is responsible for martial activities in the Kingdom, including:


The Earl Marshal is responsible for:

  • overseeing the conduct of all martial activities in the Kingdom
  • encouraging the development of safety, chivalry and authenticity upon the field
  • maintaining a database of authorised fighters
  • and the maintenance, publication and enforcement of standards for construction and use of all weapons and armour.


Lochac’s combat rules are based on, and meet the minimum requirements of the Society for Creative Anachronisms combat rules (with a few approved variances).

If you have any questions about combat in Lochac, please contact theĀ Earl Marshal, or their relevant deputy.


Earl MarshalKinggiyadai Orlok
Kingdom Armoured Combat MarshalLord Patri de Buck
Kingdom Archery MarshalLord Grigorii Luchnik
Kingdom Rapier MarshalArmiger Jude Aleksandr Donetsk
Kingdom Equestrian MarshalCountess Safiya bint 'Abd al-Shahid
Kingdom Siege Warfare MarshalBaron Sorle Maknicoll
Kingdom Youth Armoured Combat MarshalMaster Grim of Thornby
Kingdom Youth Combat ArcheryCaptain Ranif Pallesser
Keeper of the Lists (Authorisations) AustraliaMistress Aeschine of Arran
Keeper of the Lists (Authorisations) New ZealandMaster Diego Alonso Moreno