Previous Rulings

    • February 2018: A Combat Archery Trial running for the duration of Border War XX 23-25 Feb 2018 until close of Border War Feb 2019, with the time between Border war 2019 and Rowany Festival 2019 or 30 days whichever is the longer, to be used as a commentary period for rule changes following the trial.
      The changes are directed to: Rules for hand armour; Rules for engagement distances; Killing conventions; Rules for killing from behind.
      During the period of the trial additonal information is to be included in the Marshal in charge event report for all events with mixed combat and to be forwarded to the Group Marshal at the end of the event.
      The full details of the trial can be found in the following document:Lochac_Archery_Trial.pdf, also located under the documents & forms page.


    • April 2017:Earl Marshal ruling re missile combat in Lochac, as explained Rowany Festival 2017.
      1) All missile combatants are engaged at lay on and as such can target with missile weapons any other combatant unless:
      a) They are a plumed combatant and within 5 meters or
      b) They are a non plumed missile combatant and behind their target and within 5m (see Figure 1)
      c) Non plumed missile combatant’s engagement distance is arrow clear of the bow
      2) All non plumed missile combatants must wear full hand protection as if they were using a two handed weapon (ie basket hilt and demi gauntlet are not considered to comply with this requirement). Note that this hand protection must function in same way it would for a two handed weapon at all times – the practice of slipping the forward strap of a gauntlet is not to occur and a hold should be called if witnessed.
      3) Non plumed missile combatants may kill from behind by:
      a) Drawing a projectile and placing it in front of their opponent (show control) and stating that opponent is slain from behind – projectile must then be discarded and a new one drawn for each subsequent opponent.
      b) Drawing their back up weapon and killing from behind as usual.
      4) If any quiver is struck by a melee weapon all arrows in it are to be discarded and not used until they have been reinspected at a marshalling point.
      5) If a bow is struck by any weapon it cannot be used until it has been reinspected by an authorised marshal.


    • July 2015: Staged discontinuation of Ramin arrow shafts: From 7 July 2015, no one is to purchase ramin from timber merchants for the purposes of making SCA combat arrows. Those SCA participants who currently have stocks of legally imported ramin may use and sell what remains of their own stocks, though please consider a more permanent use than combat arrows if possible.
      All groups to include in your quarterly reports (via your group heavy marshal) on the number of ramin combat arrows in use among your participants, as well as what stockpiles of ramin shafts remain to be turned into arrows. The rate at which the supply is depleted will help us determine when a complete ban on ramin combat arrows will be implemented.
      We are currently investigating other sustainable timber types to add to the allowed timbers for combat arrow shafts. If you have examples of timbers that may be suitable and are willing to assist with testing, please contact the Deputy for Archery directly –


    • June 2015:Polypropylene (‘polypro’) swords: Effective immediately, all polypro swords in use in Lochac must either;
      a) have at least 3 layers of fibre tape ( that has the lengthways fibers, not cross hatch tape), run along both blade faces over the tip of the sword; or
      b) webbing belt or a leather strip along the blade face and over the tip.
      This measure is designed to prevent the end of the stick flying off in the event of breakage.
      All marshals are to ensure this direction has been complied with or the weapon bounces and shall not be allowed on the field.


  • October 2013: Rubber weapon heads: The ‘Acorn roller’ rubber mace heads are legal for use in Lochac. The rubber ‘Talhoffer’ pole axe heads are legal for use in Lochac.
    Striking surface (A clarification via Society Earl marshal): Because of the nature of our activities and the ability of our weapons to break during use the “striking surface” of a weapon is to be considered throughout the entire striking portion, blade, or head, of the weapon, not only the outside “skin” or layer. This includes all interior construction materials and parts no matter how “deep” inside. Please note that this means materials such as ‘chopping board’ plastic may not be used for the construction of weapon heads.
  • July 2013: The Lochac Marshals Handbook has been approved and supersedes any previous editions.
  • September 2012: As per the announcement from the SCA US and the changes to the Society Marshals’ Handbook in May 2012, polypropylene round rod of a diameter no greater than 31.8mm is now permissible as an alternative to rattan for single handed weapons within Lochac.
  • March 30 , 2008: Notice of Suspension Thrown Weapons, Slings and Staff Slings in The Kingdom of Lochac.
    Sorry to do this, but I have received numerous complaints regarding the construction of thrown weapons and the impact per square inch of the same. I�m suspending the use of them in Lochac for a short period of time until I can get some advise and testing done. This applies to Slings and staff slings as well. My concern is that being hit in the back of the head or in the side of the helmet by either a 200gram thrown axe or a 500gram ball, when you�re not ready for it, might cause some damage to the person. Count Stephen and I bounced two axes at Rowany (due to the manner of construction) and I�ve been told that people are making throwing maces that hit like rocks. I need time to look into this and make sure the weapons are safe and that the construction is correct. This does not affect Combat Archery or Siege Weapons. Sorry if this is putting people out…safety is my major concern here, nothing else.
  • June 22, 2007: The new Kingdom of Lochac Fighters Handbook has been released. This supplants all previous revisions of the KOLCH and will be effective from Monday the 25th of June 2007. This is the fighters’ handbook only, not the whole KOlCH. The revised marshals handbook is still being worked on and will be released along with the fighters handbook as a combined KOLCH as soon as it is ready. This is an entirely new handbook, not just a revision of the previous KOLCH and there are a significant number of changes from the previous version as well as an entirely new format. Please take the time to read and become familiar with it. Plumed participants (lights) have until August 1st 2008 to come into compliance with minimum legal heavy armour standards. All other standards, including other changes to the in these rules come into effect from Monday the 25th of June 2007. Please send feedback on the document and/or the rules to This book is not carved in stone. It is intended to be a living document and updates will be published as and when necessary. When minor updates are released the minor version number will be bumped e.g., from 2.0 to 2.1. A major revision (e.g., 2.4 up to 3.0) will be released every two years or every major revision of the society rules, whichever comes first. So that people with printed copies don’t have to print the whole thing again when minor changes are made, in addition to being incorporated into the book an errata sheet will be updated containing all changes from the last major revision. – Lord William de Wyke
  • March 30, 2007: From Kingdom Lists: the waiver on paying for authorisation cards, which came into effect at the time of a donation to Lists in November last year, has now ended as the donation has run out. Please resume paying these fees for all card requests.
  • January 2007: From the Kingdom EM: Our dispensation for the former category of “light combat” carries till 1st Aug 2008. After that full heavy armour is the required standard. Those people authorizing for the first time, after the new KOLCH comes out must have heavy armour as minimum as that will be the new standard for Lochac. The old 18-gauge helms cannot be handed on to anyone and cease effective use when the new KOLCH comes out. The grandfather clause on them has already run out. Anyone wishing to be a Combat Archer “without Plume” MUST be in fully heavy armour now.
  • January 2007: The Society Earl Marshal has published these updates (PDF) to the 2006 edition of the Society Marshal’s handbook. Of particular notes are clarifications and improvements related to kidney belts and neck protection.
  • January 2007: Revised draft rules for plumed participants have been published in Pegasus and are excerpted in this message from the Earl Marshal of Lochac.
  • October 25, 2006: The EM has advised that requests to conduct minor authorisations, though requiring the prior approval of the EM, must be made through group marshals rather than directly to the EM.
  • Sept 5, 2006: New Society Combat Handbook and Siege Engine Handbooks have been published. You will find links to them, along with a special message from the Earl Marshal and resources regarding Combat Archery changes on the Combat Archery Changes page.
    The minors authorisation form for Australia has been updated. The new version is dated March 2006 and should be used for all Australian minor authorisations henceforth.
    NB: In October 2006, the EM advised that requests to conduct minor authorisations, though requiring the prior approval of the EM, must be made through group marshals rather than directly to the EM.
  • July 2006: CUT and THRUST RAPIER
    Due to a change in Society rules, the Kingdom Rapier Marshal, Lord Gregory Tortouse de Sloleye, has granted permission for the practice (not tournament or combat use at this time) of cut-and-thrust rapier combat style under the supervision of authorised marshals. Full details and conditions are laid out in this missive.
  • April 2006: All those living in or visiting the state of Victoria need to be aware of this information concerning exemption rights for carrying otherwise-prohibited weapons in the state. Please make a point of reading it and bringing it to the attention of your group.
  • March 2006: TRAINING MINORS
    While the Constabulary is responsible for getting the indemnities done, the Marshallate must engage the parent before any training can proceed. The responsibility falls on the Marshals to educate the parent.Corpora states:
    “Prior to the training of a minor in any SCA combat-related activity, the parent or guardian of the minor must witness the activity, discuss it with a witnessing marshal, and execute a Parent’s Consent for SCA Combat-Related Activities. The witnessing marshal must be explicitly authorized to perform this function by the Earl Marshal of the kingdom. The consent form must be retained by the marshal of the practice session training the minor, and forwarded with other documentation (including proof of waiver) at the time an authorization card is to be issued, and kept on file with the kingdom authorization records.”

    I believe Lochac has 19 authorised minors at this time but I have no idea how many unauthorised ones might be training. As far as which marshals have been designated to be witnessing marshals (as above), I hereby announce that ALL marshals who can do combat authorisations may be witnessing marshals as long as the minor is going to train in the field in which the marshal may authorise. Please note that in order to act in this capacity you must be a current financial member. In Lochac the parent’s consent is an indemnity which the marshal gives to the constable to keep on file. At the time of authorisation, the parent signs the one on the authorisation form which is then sent to Lochac Lists.

    Please note that I am working on upgrading the minor authorisation form [now done – April 2006].
    — Earl Marshal, March 2006.

  • March 2006: Clarification regarding authorisation of Senior Marshals and minors: There is no prescribed test for authorising a Senior Marshal, and a single Senior Marshal may sign the authorisation form. However, when paperwork for a new Senior Marshal is received, Lists forwards it to the Earl Marshal who reviews it as they see fit. The authorisation is not valid until a new authorisation card is received. Renewals for Senior Marshals do not require this additional check. Minor authorisations are also subject to an additional check by the Earl Marshal, which may involve contacting the minor’s parents. NB: In October 2006, the EM advised that requests to conduct minor authorisations, though requiring the prior approval of the EM, must be made through group marshals rather than directly to the EM.
  • January 2006: Clarification of Target Archery Marshal authorisation requirements, see notes under Light Combat below.
  • November 2005: From November 1st, ALL authorisations for adults will be for a period of four years; minors two years (does not include current minor authorisations).
  • October 2005: From the Society Earl Marshal to the Kingdom Earl Marshal: “Kids can shoot at live targets”. (This over-rides an earlier notice in April that children under 14 could not take part as archers in Agincourt lines, etc).
  • October 2005: Following the Quarter Court discussion at Spring War, it has been decided that although ‘gumby’ gloves will remain legal hand protection, they are a bare minimum, and it is recommended that gumby gloves be reinforced for use as hand armour in Lochac. This recommendation was the result of injury reports from injuries incurred whilst wearing SCA legal gumbies.
  • October 2005: p.7 1.3.3c, change to: The parents or guardians of the minor must witness SCA Combat, discuss with a witnessing marshal how it relates to the participation of their child, and execute a “Minor’s Indemnity” and/or “Informed Consent to Participate in SCA Combat-Related Activities”, depending on the requirements in the authorizing country. The witnessing Marshal must countersign the indemnity/informed consent. When participating in Australia, a “Minor’s Indemnity” must be executed before participating in combat related activities.
    See also: Medical Authorisation for Minors Form and SCA Australia Transfer of Guardianship Letter on Constable’s site.
  • July 2005: The Queen has stated that it is Her wish during Her reign that ANY marshal on the field must wear shoes.
  • July 2005: Blocking with basket hilts is acceptable and should not be seen as target substitution.
  • July 2005: Shields not held in the hand are to be treated as assumed armour.
  • July 2005: Basket hilts made of other than metal, as long as they provide equivalent (or better) protection to a metal basket hilt are acceptable according to both Society and Lochac combat standards.
  • July 2005: Injury reports should go to both the Kingdom Chirurgeon and the Kingdom Earl Marshal. The current Kingdom Chirurgeon is Lord Patri de Buck.
  • July 2005: Change to KOLCH p31 Delete “(Unmodified elastic sided boots are not permitted)”. During the reign of King Alfar and Queen Elspeth it was decided that elastic sided boots are permitted, but unfortunately this change was not published at that time. Elastic sided boots ARE permitted in Lochac.
  • July 2005: Anyone purchasing or selling weapons or armour at SCA events should ensure that the weapons or armour conform to Lochac weapons and armour standards. Caveat emptor – Let the buyer beware! If you buy merchandise that does not conform you will not be able to use it in SCA combat. If you plan to sell such merchandise please refer to the Kingdom of Lochac Combat Handbook and an experienced marshal should you need to, before selling merchandise as SCA combat legal.
  • May 2005: Changes to KOLCH (Important note: Siloflex or equivalent, is very likely to be banned Society-wide in the near future, including Lochac, regardless of these rule changes):
    • Section 8.1.6 removed.
    • Section 8.2 Swords:
      1. Swords may be constructed of rattan or siloflex and shall be not less than 1? inch (33 mm) in total diameter (including tape) along its entire length.
    • Section 8.3 Siloflex:
      1. Swords may be made using tubular materials meeting ASTM standard D-2239 or the international equivalent, having at least a 1? inch (33 mm) diameter on the outside and at least 1/8 inch (3mm) walls. Siloflex is a brand name and is not available in Australia or New Zealand. The approved equivalent for Lochac is OD 32mm (approx ID 25mm), medium density, black polyethylene water pipe, 12 bar pressure rating.
      2. This sword shall have an inner core of rattan that fills the interior of the tubular material entirely.
      3. Siloflex may only be used for single-handed weapons. Periodic inspection shall be made to determine the condition of the inner core.
      4. The edge of the tip shall be slightly beveled or rounded to help protect opponents.
  • May 2005: Previously a senior marshal has been required to authorise a fibreglass pike/spear combatant, now either a senior marshal OR a marshal with fibreglass spear authorisation can authorise a fibreglass spear combatant.
  • May 2005: Warning to authorising marshals: When completing authorisation paperwork please ensure that you only authorise/renew/upgrade for areas that you are authorised to do so. Failure to do so may result in having your marshallate revoked. A marshal who is not a current member is not authorised to act in ANY marshallate capacity.
  • May 2005: Reminder to all combatants and marshals that if a marshal requests you to hand over your authorisation card/cards you must do so immediately. This is non negotiable. Once the card has been handed over you have the right to appeal, but the card must be handed to the requesting marshal prior to discussion or appeal. Refusing or delaying the handing over of an authorisation card is a serious infraction of our rules and conventions. Sanctions up to and including banishment may apply. Appeals against a card being pulled and revocation of authorisations should be made to the Earl Marshal, and should not be treated as grievances as the card has been pulled due to a perceived infraction of marshallate rules and conventions. If unsatisfied with the appeal outcome, appeals can be made to The Crown and then Society Marshal. Any marshal who pulls a card must report this to his/her superior officer. The marshallate chain of command is marshal at large, marshal in charge, group marshal, knight marshal, Earl Marshal, Crown, Society Marshal. Any marshal who pulls a card must also notify the Earl Marshal. If the authorisation is for rapier the group rapier marshal should be informed (if there is one) and the Kingdom Rapier Marshal must receive a report and notify the Earl Marshal. The Earl Marshal must notify the Society Marshal of any revocation of authorisations. Please ensure that all combatants are aware of the rights of a marshal who requests a card, and their responsibilities to hand the card/s over without delay or argument.
  • April 2005: Children under 14 cannot be involved/train in any form of SCA combat. This includes swinging an SCA weapon at a Pel at training events – they could use a boffer…. It also includes shooting at armoured combatants, e.g. Agincourt line. They may shoot at non human targets. [Please note: the mention of an Agincourt line has been explicitly countered by a subsequent message forwarded from the SEM on October 12, 2005 saying “Kids can shoot at live targets.”]
  • January 2005: Combatants in a melee, including one announced as a Grand Melee, can choose to form up in groups or to undertake single combats. A melee is not a place for just individual combats. The place for this is the tourney field, not a melee.
  • November 2004: In addition to the PVC javelins listed in the current edition of the KOLCH, thrust and throw rattan javelins have been approved for use by heavy missile combatants. Overall length of javelins shall be between 1.1m and 1.65m. Rattan javelins are exempt from being wrapped in tape. Striking tips shall be constructed according to tourney weapons thrusting tip standards. The total weight of the javelin will not exceed 500g. Javelins shall be marked for ownership. Javelins shall be constructed so that when thrown head-first, they will always strike head-first. If necessary, fins, fletchings, streamers, etc. will be used to pre-vent the javelin from turning and striking butt first. The fins must be constructed of a non rigid material, such as closed cell foam or leather.
  • November 2004: “Crimsafe” has been approved for use as arrow mesh for helm face plates. (Although the gauge of the woven wire is less than previously allowed, the protection offered by this security mesh is superior to the current approved materials).
  • November 2004: I would like to remind all marshals and combatants that combat in the SCA is something we do for fun; our own fun and the fun of those who play with us. For many of us, this was our original reason for joining the SCA. I ask you all, whether you are a longtime combatant or a relative newcomer to undertake the role of mentor and encourage others to practice the art of having fun – not winning at all costs. This is especially so on the war field. Include less experienced combatants in your units and teach them by experience. Behaviour on the war field is quite an individual thing but we should all be encouraging the sort of behaviour where we can leave the field exhausted at the end of the day, having enjoyed a good day of ‘biffo’ or ‘twang’ with a smile on our faces.
  • October 2004: A fighter who is killed in a tourney must fall down if it is safe to do so.
  • September 2004: The previous category of ‘Marshal’ has now been split into two separate categories of “Light Marshal” and “Heavy Marshal”. Updated authorisation forms are available below.
  • September 2004: Gloves are NOT required hand protection for non contact archers in Lochac.
  • September 2004: In regards to crossbow legislation enacted 1st July in Victoria, the SCAA has managed to get the SCA Lochac an exemption for SCA legal combat crossbows and combat blunts. Please note this does not include any bolts with field/target points. The exemption requires that someone with an SCA combat legal crossbow must be carrying proof of association with the SCA: a current membership card, authorisation card or trainee card.
  • September 2004: There have been some minor changes to combat authorisation forms. The new forms are available below. As the changes are only minor Lochac Lists will continue to accept the previous forms. When you need more forms please use the new forms.
  • July 2004: Let it be known that on Saturday 5th June, His Majesty, King AEdward, decreed that ALL current heavy archer authorisations have been revoked. Any combatant who wishes to authorise as a heavy archer must undertake a new authorisation test, including a practical test, as set out in the KOLCH. An authorisation will only be valid if conducted by a senior marshal who has been authorised as a heavy archer or a senior marshal who has been assisted in this authorisation by a heavy archer senior marshal.
  • October 2003: KOLCH error: In the archery weapons section it says that only Riverhaven Mark 1 and mark 2 blunts are acceptable, this should read Mark 2 and mark 3! Because of this the King has said that Mark 1s can be used until the next edition of the rules comes out.
  • January 2003: In addition to the woods allowed for combat archery shafts in the KOLCH, Tasmanian Oak and Silver Ash 5/16″ (~8mm) are also now allowed to be used in Lochac. NB: Clarification May 2006: any shaft, no matter what the timber, can be up to 8mm diameter.
  • September 2002: In addition to cedar and ramen for the making of combat arrows, Tasmanian Oak may also be used.